EnergyEvolutions continues to provide consulting and services in the following areas:

  • Market Research, Both Primary & Secondary
  • Due Diligence on Technology Businesses
  • Innovation-to-Market Strategy
  • Product Strategy & Product Management
  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Execution
  • Social Media Strategy & Social Media Execution
  • Process Efficiency & Operations Improvement
  • Content Strategy, Content Creation, and Content Management (for Search Engine Optimization, Research, & Marketing)

Areas of Expertise and Active Business

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Chemicals & Materials
  • Food Ingredients, Food Additives, and Food Products
  • Environmental Remediation (Hydrocarbons, Brine Water, Transformative Approaches to Pollution)
  • Water Treatment Technologies
  • Flavors & Fragrance
  • Waste to Chemicals, including Waste Gases to Chemicals, and Waste to Energy

We help you

  • Identify and validate opportunities in the market
  • Connect with appropriate, near- or at-commercial technologies
  • Craft business plans with winning business models, based on empirical know-how
  • Develop strategies and generate effective pitches for investment and to communicate with stake-holders
  • Grow your idea from concept to start-up to revenue-positive enterprise