Since 2005

Advising Leaders to Realize
in Materials & Energy
for Resilience

Bringing 16 years of experience delivering market-accessing approaches and technology commercialization
for regulated bioproducts, bioenergy, food, and resilient agriculture

About EnergyEvolutions

We began doing what we do before biofuel was a household word, before solar was declared the winner as most affordable electricity source, ever. Before a new generation of obstacles to negative carbon, even zero carbon, take center stage. 

EnergyEvolutions supports problem-solving at the interface of technology and markets, during pre-commercialization and commercialization / go-to-market. We’ve worked alongside some of the leading teams facing the challenges of our times, around energy, fuels, mobility, and, always, value for people, planet, and prosperity. 

Today, the challenges of climate crisis mean even greater need for the expertise, perspectives, and innovation methods and frameworks EnergyEvolutions thrives to provide for your project and enterprise. 

Organization. And technology. For people. Co-creating. EnergyEvolutions.